Using reclaimed materials to restore historic buildings

Reclaimed building materials and historic buildings…

When considering restoration of historic properties, a good supplier of reclaimed building materials can be invaluable.

Often, reclaimed materials are required to comply with Listed Building consents or to avoid the need to apply for such.

reclaimed building materials used to restore grade 2 listed property. Image shows reclaimed welsh slating in progress on a roof area.

A large number of our customers are specialists in restoring listed buildings or buildings of significant architectural interest.

Older buildings may benefit from the use of reclaimed building materials.

A like for like replacement of what currently exists often negates the need to obtain consent.

What will reclaimed materials look like….

The idea of using reclaimed building materials is to match the existing materials removed.

Making good shortages of existing materials can sometimes be a challenge when considering close matches.

Although a slate might be a slate, there are numerous different types and sizes to consider.

A close match is important when making good shortages of reclaimed building materials on historic buildings.

Often, a perfect match is not possible when considering reclaimed building materials.

Reclaimed building materials, Chimney Pots…

images showing chimney pots on a historic building close to York Minster.

The image, below, depicts 5 replacement chimney pots supplied to one of our clients.

Although not a perfect match the pots were close enough to the existing to not look out of place.

Reclaimed chimney pots come in a number of shapes and sizes, we offer good stocks





Using Reclaimed Slates….

Using reclaimed slates can be cost effective in some instances…

roof area with Green Westmorland slates on a historic building

The image above shows some roofing work, undertaken by GNR, to whom we supplied reclaimed slates in this instance.

When considering using reclaimed slates like this there is considerable work in coursing and sorting them prior to installation.

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