Reclaimed Chimney Pots

We always carry a good selection of reclaimed chimney pots of all different shapes and sizes. Our stock levels are always changing but the ones displayed for immediate sale are carried in stock. As with all reclaimed items, the exact nature of the item might vary from the image depicted as this is provided as an example of the style of pot. if you are looking for something specific why not use our matching service?

Chimney pots for sale

Our selection of pots is available to purchase online or directly from our site shop. You are welcome to come and view the items in person to handpick your preferred pot.

How much are victorian chimney pots worth?

Prices for an old chimney pot will vary on the condition, style, and age of the item. If you would like to sell your item let us know we may be interested in purchasing it or alternatively you can list it on our online advertising site.