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Clay Plain or Peg Tiles…

Plain tiles have been a popular roof covering for centuries.

They are a small format, usually clay, roof tile which provide a traditional look.

As with all roof tiles there are numerous types of plain, flat or peg tiles.

The Reclaimed company stock most types of clay plain tiles.

Uses of plain tiles…

Further, plain tiles can be used for a number of applications.

More so, such tiles can be cut to form details and mixed with wider tiles as necessary at abutments and verges.

Moreover, they are often used to form details at verges or as a damp proof course on a wall.

Battens and Fixings…

Use 25mm x 38mm battens with plain roof tiles due to the gauge.

Further, the nails used are usually 38mm ring shank alloy nails.


The Reclaimed company stock reclaimed roof tiles from a number of manufacturers, including, but not limited to: