5 reasons to use Reclaimed Slates

reclaimed slates for sale

Reclaimed slates for sale…

The Reclaimed Company offer a national delivery service on all reclaimed slates for sale.

A bit of history on now reclaimed slates…

Slates have been a main stay of the roofing industry for centuries. The Welsh slate industry has existed since the Roman times. The industry grew slowly up until the early 18th Century, then expanded rapidly until the late 19th Century. Important quarries, such as Penryhn and Dinorwig were the largest slate quarries in the world. Further, Ffestiniog Slate came from the Oakeley mine which was considered the largest slate mine in the world.

The main use of slates from the mines and quarries was for roofing. However, further uses included slate fireplace hearths, worktops and headstones.

During the second half of the 19th Century the slate industry dominated the economy in North West Wales. Some 17,000 men produced half a million tonnes of Welsh slates.

Production of slate was at its peak between 1831 and 1878 in part aided by the abolition of of slate duty. Further, the Ffestiniog quarry constructed a railway line between 1833 and 1836 to transport the slate products directly to Porthmadog where it could be loaded onto ships.

Developments in the industry along with increased production were brought about in 1843 with mechanisation. Such developments meant that the slate could be transported by Steam Locomotives on the London and Northwestern Railway line.  

Increasingly, the ease of transportation opened up new markets and allowed new products to be introduced using thinker slabs of slate often used in Billiard tables and flooring.

Reclaimed slates today…

Today, the slate products manufactured during the periods outlined above are now finding their way into a new market place as reclaimed or second hand materials. However, the slate remains in most part fully in tact. Subsequently, salvaging this resource is now extremely popular for the following reasons.

  1. Usually slate material remains sound over time and as a result can be re used.
  2. Cost of reclaimed slates is below that of new slates. For example, a new Penrhyn slate now commands a premium over its reclaimed counterpart.
  3. Availability of reclaimed welsh slate versus new is better. The lead times on new slates now runs into months.
  4. Aesthetically, when using reclaimed slate the character of buildings can be maintained. More so, this especially important when using reclaimed slates on terraced houses which are joined together.
  5. Green credentials, through re use and local sourcing, we are assisting in the reduction of transportation both in terms of pollution and cost.

Reclaimed slates near me…

reclaimed slates near me

Further, sourcing reclaimed slates should be possible in your local area. The Reclaimed company is passionate about bringing people and Reclaimed Roofing materials closer together subsequently encouraging re use and recycling.

The Reclaimed Company aim to bring together a national database of reclamation yards to give reclaimed roofing and building materials a second chance.

Costs of new slates versus Reclaimed slates…

reclaimed westmorland slates

The Reclaimed company offers reclaimed slates at competitive prices. An example of the available savings versus buying new welsh slate is clear.

For example, consider a new Penrhyn slate 16″ x 10″ at a cost price of circa £3.20 versus an equivalent salvaged Welsh slate, same size, at £1.32. 

Therefore, the cost benefits of using reclaimed slates versus new slates are clear.

Consider this also, the lead time on a new slate, currently standing at 6 months. The Reclaimed company have the second hand slate on the ground and ready to deliver or collect.

Conclusively, through the use of second hand slates as a contemporary roofing material we are:

  1. Maintaining the appearance of traditional or historic buildings.
  2. Reducing waste and the impact of transportation, especially when sourcing such salvaged materials locally.
  3. Promoting a culture where re use and recycling is acceptable.
  4. Generating wealth by supporting an entire community of reclamation yards.
  5. Continuing the use of traditional construction methods.

The Reclaimed company believe that the conservation of our existing buildings and structures forms an important part of our heritage as a country.

Other types of reclaimed slates for sale…
  • Reclaimed Westmorland Slates
  • Second hand Burlington slates
  • Salvaged Spanish slates.
  • Reusable stone slates
  • Reclaimed Welsh Tonner slates

Additionally, The Reclaimed Company stock a large range of complimentary products for your reclaimed roofing project.

Our team are more than happy to assist you in putting together all relevant materials from our reclamation yard. The knowledge of our staff can assist in providing information on required quantities and help in choosing the right fixings, battens and membranes.

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