“Everything deserves a second chance”

Reclaimed Oak Whisky Barrels

Architectural Salvage…..

Buying and selling architectural salvage has become big business in recent years.

Demand for reclaimed, re used, recycled, up cycled products is growing.

Having been in the business and experienced this growth, we now have a new offering.

Online architectural salvage listings for only a fiver……

Having used other selling and listing sites ourselves over the years we got hit with some pretty hefty fees.

Our aim therefore, to offer a site free of commission, free of final value fees, free of contractual obligation.

For a mere fiver, anyone can list and sell their used items on our site, The Reclaimed Company.

Listing your second hand items, whatever they are, has never been so easy.

What is The Reclaimed Company all about?

In short, we offer an online platform for buying and selling anything, internationally at a price that is fair and reasonable.

All we want from you in return for your advert, valid for 30 days, is Five Pounds Sterling.

Classified Listings……

Our classified ads can be placed for almost anything, internationally.

The rules in terms of items listed for sale on our site are simple.

They must be second hand, used, reclaimed, recycled, upcycled, nothing new please.

They must be available and genuinely for sale. Our site offers classified listings for items, not annoying pop up ads!

They must be listed in a category appropriate to their nature. If you cannot find a suitable category on our site then message us, we will create one. So long as it fits with our criteria of course.

Online Auctions…..

Further, our online auctions are a good way of letting the market decide an items worth.

The rules are based upon a traditional auction. Place the bid that you are willing to pay, the price for the item will then be displayed as represented by your bid.

Other bids thereafter must be placed in excess of this value.

If you are not sure what you item may be worth, why not let the gavel decide?

Free to collect….

Lets face it, a trip to the local tip is not high on most peoples weekend wish lists.

Consider this idiomatic phrase before planning a trip to the dump with your old sofa. “One mans trash is another mans treasure”

Our free to collect section could save you a fortune on a skip, tip to the tip, or final value fees on other listings sites.

Upcycle your unwanted stuff and ask yourself, is a fiver a small price to pay to have someone take it away?

small car with furniture protruding from the boot and strapped to the roof, not architectural salvage.

Hopefully a more suitable car will be selected.

Ready to sell with The Reclaimed Company….

Moreover, If you like what you have read and have unwanted stuff that you want to sell, sell with us?

£5 for a 30 day advert visible by a global audience of potential buyers the most you can lose is a fiver.

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